Leathercraft Tools

Hand stitching is at the heart of leather craft and there are several methods and many hand tools that have been developed over the centuries. From saddlery to shoe making, belts and wallets to bags and cases, hand stitching showcases work, not only with the skill involved, but by using different methods and threads, can make a product stand out and look unique, in a class of it’s own.

Hand tools are used to mark out stitch holes on the leather surface, to make grooves for stitches to lie in, and awls and punches pierce or punch out holes ready for stitching.

Lacing as a method of fixing has been used since humans started wearing clothing, just looping thin pieces of leather around edges. Lacing and thonging is still used in this way as a traditional method of making clothing and shoes such as moccasins. There are also many other methods such as double or triple lacing, elaborate weaving that edges bags and wallets and saddle bags for example.