• How is leather sold?

    Leather is sold by either whole hides, skins, or cut into sections. It is typically measure in sq ft (30x30cm sq).
    At Identity Leathercraft we offer the largest selection of different leather types and across the most size options, from small cuts for repairs and starting out to whole shoulders and sides.
    Have a look around our Leather Room and explore your options.
    If you would like advice on the best leather to suit your project email in your request to sales@theidentitystore.co.uk.

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  • What is the difference between vegetable tanned leather and chrome (mineral) tanned leathers?

    In principle it is the way the skin of the animal is tanned and treated. In modern tanneries there is little difference in terms of environmental footprint and time taken to make, though historically vegetable tanned leather took many months to make. The difference for the crafter are important to note for making up:

    Vegetable Tanned Leather
    Will wet form cold and mould to shape
    Can be carved and tooled
    Can be embossed with dampening
    Can be edge treated with slicking
    Is often in natural and can be easily dyed

    Chrome (Mineral) Tanned
    Some will form with heat
    Comes coloured and finished usually
    Can be heat embossed or foiled
    Can be edge treated with Leading Edge
    Usually thinner thickness leathers

    You can find out more about different leather types and definitions from our Leather and Leathercraft Glossary which is free to download

    Click to download your free Leather and Leathercraft Glossary

  • Do you stock Tandy Leathercraft?

    We are the UK distributors for Tandy Leathercraft, stocking around 70-80% of the Tandy products. A Tandy catalogue is available to purchase on request.

    A one stop shop for all your leather and leathercraft needs, Tandy tools are just a part of our range. We also stock our own range of Leather Stains, Edge Paints and finishes, as well as stocking from UK manufacturers such as HipKiss, Somac, and John James.

  • What tools do I need to get started?

    We have put together a separate section of starter tools and a video to explain their uses:
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  • I think my parcel is missing?

    Before you report your delivery enquiry please check the following:

    • Have you checked with members of the same household?
    • If your parcel was sent to a work address, have you asked your colleagues?
    • Have you checked with your neighbours?
    • Please double check any secure outside locations such as your porch, shed or garage.
    • Have you had a text SMS message or email from the courier attempting to deliver?

    If your parcel still hasn’t been located please email ‘sales@theidentitystore.co.uk’ with your order number and we will check with the couriers for you as soon as possible.

  • Can I visit The Identity Store?

    We offer chances to visit our stock room in Matlock through the year, with several open day events and Saturday opening from 10am to 2pm when we are not at shows.

    You can find out more on our page VISITING THE STOCK ROOM which has details of opening times.
    Appointments are possible mid-week with Peter, please arrange in advance by calling 07970 689115.

    Yes you can collect your order. Place your order and use the code COLLECT which will remove the shipping charge and notify us of your intent to pick up. We will email you when the order is ready for collection.
  • How do I make a belt?

    We have put together a separate section of the tools and materials you will need to help you get started belt making. We also have a downloadable guide with tips and instructions.

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  • How do I edge leathers?

    There are different ways to edge leathers depending on the type. You can find out more from our YouTube video which goes through two methods, one for treating vegetable tanned leather and one for treating chrome (mineral) tanned leather types.

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  • Do you offer a discount for my Scout group?
    We like to support young people in leathercraft where we can.. to set up a nominated group discount we ask you to first set up an account on the website and then complete a simple form. We will then contact you with details of how to claim the discount.
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