Rivets are generally in two pieces and are used to join two pieces of leather together in a permanent and secure way with the use of a setting tool and mallet. They can be used for function or as a decorative detail and come in a variety of sizes and finishes. To decide which type of rivet is needed consider whether the back of the rivet will be hidden or on show, double cap rivets are often used for aesthetic purposes and neatness.

Also determining the thickness of leather the rivet will be fixed through, will indicate post length needed. Typically 1-2mm of the rivet post should be outside of the leather in order for the rivet to set correctly. Leather will also play its part for example whether it is firm, hard, has ‘give’ in it – these factors will also determine size of rivet required.

Each rivet type has a chart with it to show the dimensions and to indicate which punch hole size is needed. It is important to use the correct setting tool for the rivet type. To download our complete Rivet Size Chart Guide click here.

Rivets have often been used to fix leather to other materials such as cloth, plastic, wood etc. however how successful would be completely down to the materials involved and user experience and experimentation.

Download - Guide to Rivet Setting

Note; Some of the rivets are nickel free and these have been indicated in the product descriptions.