Why Should we pay attention to Colour Forecasting?

Why Should we pay attention to Colour Forecasting?
What's on-trend this season?
Colour Forecasting - Upcoming Trends
Why should we pay attention to colour forecasts?

Colour trends subtly influence us all as palettes get picked up by the fashion houses, interiors designers and stores we see them all around us, even in the colours used for flyers, emails and websites.

For those with Etsy shops you will notice they recommend you always pick one of the predicted pantone colour to go in your collection each year.  this helps to keep your range looking up to date and also gives customers the chance to match and co-ordinate their accessories.

Even if you are not making leather clothing, many of us make belts, bags, brooches, wristcuffs, watch-straps, wallets and more.


Make your fashion last longer by re-colouring, adding a concho, decorative stitch, or contrast colour edge to existing leather items such as bags, shoes, wallets, and jackets.


Adding bold statement colours, linings or just a contrast hint can bring our leatherwork alive - for example using a red edge for leather wallet, or a bright pink suede for an interior bag lining.

Angela Holland Looks Like I Made It Blog Navy Skirt



Pick one bold colour for your collection, something that is joyous and fun. You can use your social media to promote it by finding and photographing examples of the colour and your item together.

In the photo above Angela Holland uses the blue backdrop to showcase her blue suede skirt blog tutorial.  Doing something similar with your chosen statement colour can emphasise how to wear, and what you item goes with.

Blue and Yellow dyed leather cases



Use Tiger Thread in Red or Yellow or choose from our Braided Cords to give a contrast stitching. Lay a length of thread against the leather first and see what colour contrasts well with what thread colour.

Red, Navy,Blue can work really well with a warm tan, yellow with dark brown or black, natural or beige with any darker colour. 

Note: to carry this off your stitching will need to good, using a contrast stitch is a good way to show how great you are at this.


Colour is fun and creating a sense of this can be a great selling point. Opening a bag, purse or wallet and getting a hint of something surprising can bring a smile to people. Sarah recently repaired a bag for a friend in a beautiful deep mahogany leather - the inside was lined with a bright Cobalt Blue suede.

Use of colour and colour mixing - greens and blues


Add small amounts of colour with a stitched label, key tag, beads, embroidery, a button or perhaps add tassel to a bag.  

Hardware is also a way to bring interest and contrast. For example using traditional copper rivets and copper hardware on a contemporary black leather.

Leather bag with traditional copper rivets and tan handles



Colour forecast for Autumn Winter 2022

Pantone Colours - Samoan Sun, Lava Falls, Waterspout, Orange Tiger, Rose Violet, Midnight, Amazon, Caramel Cafe, Martini Olive




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