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Cordovan Leather Pieces Bag

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Load image into Gallery viewer, 1kg Bag of assorted cordovan leather peices from a UK tannery

Cordovan Leather Pieces Bag

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Part of our Heritage UK collection - approx 1kg bag of assorted pieces of work bench remnants/scraps, this amazing leather is made from the specialised area of the horse known as the shell. It has a lovely buttery feel and is highly prized world wide as a luxury high end prestige leather. 

Note these are the trimmings or 'chips' so may have imperfections on the pieces.

Thicknesses vary - approx 1-1.5mm, 2-3mm

Colours - Browns, Chestnut, Tan, Black, occasional Green and Blue

Cordovan shell, a speciality leather known for its strength and density, is generally used in high end shoe production and is made from the fibrous flat muscle (or shell) beneath the hide on the rump of the horse.

 The pieces can be used for wallets, watch straps, card cases, keyrings, drawer pulls, small pouches and sheaths, wristbands, archery tabs, small collars, repairs and more.

They are part of our GUEST LEATHER that means we won't be able to get more once they are sold