Eco-Weld Contact Adhesive

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Eco-Weld Contact Adhesive

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  • SKU: 2532-01
  • Brand: EcoWeld
  • Type: Glue - Fixative - Applicator
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High Strength Contact Adhesive.

100ml, 250ml or 1 litre.

Premium water-based contact cement for high strength bonding of leather without stiffening.
Non toxic and designed to be used in the manufacture of fine leathergoods as well as by individual leather workers.
Once dry it is not affected by moisture.

Directions for use:
Make sure surfaces to be joined are clean and dry.
Spread a thin, even layer of adhesive on both surfaces.
Wait until the glue is slightly tacky to touch and press together, continue to apply pressure to joined surfaces for a couple of minutes or clamp in place until dry.
Wash applicators with water.

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