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English Bridle Leather - Navy

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English Bridle Leather - Navy

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Made by Sedgewick’s tannery in Walsall using traditional tanning methods. Bridle leather comes with a bridle wax surface that can be buffed up to give a beautiful patina. It is hard wearing, strong and versatile and can be used for pouches, bags, belts, sheaths, collars, bridles and more.

Bridle Leather Uses

Available in a choice of cut sizes and colours. (See size guide for approximate dimensions)

Heavyweight 3.0-3.5mm

English Bridle leather is pit-tanned using vegetable barks and leaves for several months. It goes through several stages of hand work to apply the colour and bridle finish that give its characteristic appearance. Waxes, tallow and oil are worked into the top of the surface. With polishing and use, the leather burnishes up to give its unique patina.

You can usually see some of the waxes as a chalky bloom when you receive your leather. Simply polish over with the piece of sheep's wool provided when you have made your project to bring out the deep lustre of the hide.

The reverse has a bridle moss backing to give a smooth even feel.



Cut A – Whole Hide (Back) approximately 140cm x 60cm (55” x 24”)

English Bridle Leather - Whole Hide

Cut B – Half Hide (Back) approximately 140cm x 30cm (55” x 12”)

English Bridle Leather - Half Back

Cut C – approximately 3.5 sq ft - 55cm x 60cm (22” x 24”)
Cut D – approximately 1.75 sq ft – 24-27cm x 60cm (9.5”-11” x 24”) End cut

English Bridle Leather - Cuts C and D

For pre-cut strips/belt lengths see the Strips and Straps Section

Available in two thicknesses - 2.0-2.2mm and 3.0-3.5mm, and in a choice of Black, Brown, Tan and Navy.