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Firm Calf Piece 6-7sf

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Firm Calf Piece 6-7sf

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One firm calf piece approximately 6-7sf, substance 1.0-1.1mm

Colour shades vary from black to browns and tans, and occasional dark colours.

Firm Calf Leather - Usage

Firm calf piece, various shades available from black to shades of browns and tans and occasional dark colours.
If you are wanting a specific shade or colour, please either call the Store or leave a message at time of ordering, we will do our best to supply what you want. Particularly with the larger pieces the shades available are limited and we will send what we have unless notified.

This leather is a great all rounder for any project, even making lace using the Lace Maker 3784-00.

Please note: These pieces are sustainably sourced as workbench remnants from the UK shoe and bag industries.

Most of the leather has a finish already applied but if you wish to protect your leather further you can add Super Shene 2610-01 or Satin Shene 2611-01, or Carnauba Cream 2612-01 / IDS-FFCC Fiebings Carnauba Cream to condition the leather.

Some pieces may have light pencil style lines which are the workers markings. These can easily be removed with furniture polish and a lint free cloth.

This leather is base chrome tanned, then re-tanned with a vegetable tanning process.

Firm calf leather made in to tool roll by inksugarspice
Firm calf leather tool roll by @inksugarspice

Firm Calf Tote Bag

Firm Calf Leather tote bag by @greymistleather