Eco Flo Gum Tragacanth

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Eco Flo Gum Tragacanth

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A natural plant based gum (also sometimes called Shiraz gum) that has been traditionally used in leather craft to give a professional edge to belts, straps and leathergoods.
It is designed for use on vegetable tanned leathers and can be painted on to the edge before slicking and burnishing with wool daubers, brushes or applicators.
The gum allows the edge fibres to smooth and bond easily during the slicking process. Once smooth the edge coat or finish can be applied. For best results round off edge of leather with an edge beveller prior to application.
Rub edge very briskly with an edge slicker, bone folder or firm cloth. As the Gum Tragacanth dries and heats up due to friction caused by rubbing, the treated edge will darken and shine. Repeat until the desired burnish is achieved.

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Creating a good edge on leather is a skill that will set a high standard of professionalism for all leather work. If using vegetable tanned leathers then using traditional ways of bevelling and slicking are appropriate methods. With the wide choice of mineral (chrome) tanned leathers available we also supply a range of products that will give a professional finish using a simpler technique.

For more information download our guide to edging: Click here.