Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye

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Fiebing's Pro Leather Dye

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  • SKU: IDS-PD001
  • Brand: Fiebing's
  • Type: Colouring & Finishing
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Fiebing's Professional Dyes in a range of colours.

This product is only available within the UK.

Fiebing's Professional Dyes have been used for dyeing vegetable tanned leathers in leatherwork for many decades.
They are alcohol (solvent) based and offer excellent smooth coverage and colourfastness.

Apply using a damp sponge, wool daubers or the premium applicator pads.

Available in small 118ml bottles as well as large 946ml bottles.

Product note:- Use in a well ventilated room. Purchases may incur additional shipping costs.

For more information download our Guide to Colouring Leather:

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Some great Ideas and Inspirations

Mike Mountain
Tooled and coloured Sunflower bag. The bag was oiled with Neatsfoot and sealed with diluted Resolene, airbrushed on (50/50 mix).
Products used: 2605 - EcoFlo All in One Desert Tan for the flower, Fudge brown for the centre
2110 - Fiebing's Pro Dye dark brown for the bag.
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