Waxing The Thread

Waxing The Thread - Issue 4

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Waxing The Thread - Issue 4

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‘Waxing the Thread’ is a 40 page A4 print magazine for hobbyists and all who are interested in modern and traditional leatherwork, includes pattern and instructions, basic techniques and projects, interesting articles, and much more.

A modern magazine for leatherworkers. Summary: 

There’s plenty to keep you busy in this issue including Projects and Pattern Pages, plus an extra how to; an introduction to wet-forming (moulding) leather.

Project 1 is challenging, but fun! As you’d expect, we’ve given you a step-by-step guide with colour photos to help you as you work through it. Once completed you’ll find it easy to repeat, so it’s perfect if you’re hoping to make small gifts. If you’re not a beginner, just tweak the pattern to whatever suits you.

The first of the Pattern Pages is a follow-on from Project 1 and a helpful reminder of the assembly process. We hope you’ll enjoy making this and experimenting with this style of gusset.

Project 2 gives you the opportunity to make your own pattern and if you’ve been working through the first three issues of WTT, this is the next step towards going solo! Just to lighten things up a little, we’ve linked it with the Just For Fun project competition on page 39 – we’d love to see your own take on this project.

The second Pattern Page is a quick build; perfect for this time of year!  Easy to make and easy to adapt the pattern to your own style too.  Each of the Project and Pattern Pages state which materials (and leather substances) we’ve used when making the projects ourselves – we’ve even stated which company we purchased the leather from!

For beginners, we’ve included information and guidance when buying leather, touched on thickness conversion from mm to ounces and offer some tips to help with straight stitching.  There’s a new page covering workshop machinery and we’ve also been looking at stitching awls and strap cutting tools.

If you’re a regular reader of the feature pages you’ll learn what it’s like to be a professional glove maker, what’s so inspiring about visual learning, and the tool lovers among you can discover more about Sheffield’s George Barnsley tool brand.  Once again, we’ve included the ‘Readers Pages’, where you can meet WTT reader, Katy Warriner and find out what inspired her to set up her own leatherwork business, find out who’s where, or what’s on, in the ‘Event’s’ column and finally, we hope you’ll remember to enter the competition in the Just For Fun section too.