Waxing The Thread

Waxing The Thread - Issue 1

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Waxing The Thread - Issue 1

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‘Waxing the Thread’ is a 36 page A4 print magazine for hobbyists and all who are interested in traditional leatherwork, includes pattern and instructions, basic techniques and guidance on how to purchase leather, and much more.

A leatherwork magazine.

‘Waxing the Thread’ is a practical workshop magazine for hobbyists of traditional leatherwork. The first project in issue 1 is aimed at complete novices as well as those who’d like a ‘reminder’ of basic techniques. Follow the simple step-by-step guide and colour photos as you work through the project. You’ll also find an essential introduction to pattern making as part of Project 1, plus a follow-on project which will reinforce your new pattern making and leatherwork skills.

If you’re new to leatherwork, you’ll find the first of the Pattern Pages includes a scaled down pattern which will be very easy to recreate having previously worked through Project 1. And to make things really easy, you can even use the same step-by-step making guide. If you’re not a beginner you can choose to work from the pattern directly if you don’t want to go back to basics.

Project 2 will develop your skills further and is more advanced than Project 1. As before, there is a scaled down pattern along with another step-by-step, photo guide. The guide is also a bonus for those more experienced leatherworkers who appreciate the occasional treat of working from a pre-drawn pattern – just making, without the maths!

Designed to build on the skills developed in Project 2, is the second of our Pattern Pages: Assuming you’ve worked with all the patterns in the magazine, this will be your fifth leather item. Making this final item will encourage you to plan the order of construction. Each of the Project and Pattern Pages state which materials (and leather substances) we used when making the projects ourselves, so we hope that takes some of the uncertainty out of it.

There’s also information relating to workshop materials generally, including guidance when purchasing leather – we appreciate that this can be difficult for beginners. We’ve included information too about linen thread, beeswax and project design. Just to keep you busy, we’ve even included a few How-To’s to assist with issues such as tool sharpening and additional pattern making techniques.

You’ll also discover why we visited the clogmakers’ workshop, the benefits of a great book reprint and why we took a trip to our favourite Museum.  We’ve included ‘Readers Pages’ too and hope we can entice you to get involved with them for future issues. And finally, there’s the ‘Just For Fun’ page