Waxing The Thread

Waxing The Thread - Issue 3

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Waxing The Thread - Issue 3

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‘Waxing the Thread’ is a 36 page A4 print magazine for hobbyists and all who are interested in modern and traditional leatherwork, includes pattern and instructions, basic techniques and guidance on how to purchase leather, and much more.

A modern magazine for leatherworkers.

Summary: Project 1 in issue #3 includes a simple step-by-step guide with colour photos to help you, as you work through the project. You can either work exactly as we have or can rearrange the pocket pieces to suit your own preference.

The first of the Pattern Pages is aimed at beginners and will be a good reminder of the basic techniques learnt in Project 1.

Project 2 will develop your skills further and introduces new techniques. As before, there is a scaled down pattern along with another step-by-step, photo guide. The guide is also a real treat for those more experienced leatherworkers who appreciate the occasional luxury of working from a pre-drawn pattern – just making, without the maths!

Designed to build on the skills developed in Project 2, is the second of our Pattern Pages. Assuming that you’ve worked with all the patterns in the magazine, we don’t think you’ll find this Sheet Music bag pattern too difficult to work with. Making this final item will encourage you to plan the order of construction or assembly. Each of the Project and Pattern Pages state which materials (and leather substances) we used when making the projects ourselves, and we’ve even stated which company we purchased the leather from.

For beginners, there’s also information and guidance when buying and costing leather. We’ve also included a little information about pattern changes, plus there’s a page on skiving leather and keeping you knife sharp. Just to keep you busy, we’ve even included a couple of How-To’s and hope you’ll find the ‘Stitching Set Up” page useful too.

If you like to read about the working lives of other leatherworkers, you’ll discover why we interviewed Lucy Cushley, what’s so inspirational about Northampton and what inspired us to look at the complexities of making a leather bucket. Once again, we’ve included the ‘Readers Pages’, with Q&A’s. This time we’ve added links to Reader’s Recommendations and of course there’s ‘Just For Fun’ section with the chance to win a hand made leather strop.